Request object

Request object methods allow you to retrieve data sent by the client. List of methods and properties:

  • request.body (getter)
    Returns a raw string from the request body. Note: multipart/form-data body is not parsed for now. application/json and application/x-www-form-urlencoded will be parsed as JavaScript objects.

  • request.cookies (getter)
    Returns an object (key-value) with the cookies passed in the request.

  • request.hostname (getter)
    Returns the hostname derived from the Host HTTP header.

  • request.method (getter)
    Contains a string corresponding to the HTTP method of the request: GET or POST.

  • request.params (getter)
    Object with parameter values from route placeholders. Read more in "Routing" section.

  • request.path (getter)
    URI of request

  • request.query (getter)
    Object with query parameters. For example, if you have a request with query string ?key=value&key2=value2, request.query will return:

      key: 'value',
      key2: 'value2'
  • request.headers (getter)
    Object with request HTTP headers (full list).

  • request.get(key: string)
    Returns header value by key (or undefined).