Getting started

QuickWebServer (QWS) is intended to be used as a separately compiled shared library.

The compilation process is as automated as possible, a minimum of steps is required from you. Compilation tested on macOS Catalina and Ubuntu 18.04. The clang compiler is used on macOS, gcc on Ubuntu.


  • Compiler availability depending on OS (clang or gcc)
  • Installed QuickJS (minimum version is 2020-11-08)
  • tar and curl

Installing via NPM

QuickJS doesn't support NPM, but you can still use it to download everything you need. To do this, in the folder with your project, type:

npm install --save @lyohaplotinka/quickwebserver

After downloading, a postinstall script will run that compiles the C module. This process can take a long time (more than 5 minutes). Once the compilation is complete (and if there are no errors), you can use the server.

Installing manually

This method differs from the previous method in that you need to perform a little more actions:

  1. Clone this repository into a convenient folder;
  2. Go to it and run the script ./ This will start the process of compiling the C module;
  3. When compilation is complete (and if no errors occurred), you can use the server.

Adding to the project

There is a QuickWebServer.js file inside the src folder. Its default export is the server class we will be working with.